About Agrozen Labs

Reliable Hemp Testing Services


After years of researching the alternative medicine industry, a team was assembled to further understand the benefits of natural compounds found in various plants, including the hemp plant. We began devoting our work to making a difference in the cannabis industry and helping improve the quality of life for everyone as we gained more knowledge about how cannabis interacts positively with the body.

Agrozen Labs provides a variety of hemp testing services that are reliable and accurate. We are one of the few laboratories that is approved by the USDA to provide hemp testing services throughout the U.S Domestic Hemp Production Program. We offer our testing services for farmers, formulators, and finished goods suppliers, and we use high-end equipment to provide our clients with the most reliable results possible. Learn more about Agrozen Labs and be sure to check out our list of hemp testing services.

We offer hemp testing services for:

  • Potency

  • Terpenes

  • Density

  • aw/pH

  • Moisture

  • Microbial

We will soon be expanding our services to include testing for:

  • Residual solvents

  • Heavy metals

  • Pesticides

Why work with us

USDA Hemp Approved

State of Indiana Pharmacy Board Approved

DEA Schedule I Certified

OISC Hemp Cooperative Laboratory Approved

High-Quality Testing Services

At Agrozen Labs, we work hard to provide farmers, formulators, and finished goods suppliers with the best hemp testing services possible. Our laboratory is managed by a pharmaceutical scientist with over 30 years of experience. We also work closely with Purdue University and the University of Kentucky to ensure that our hemp testing services remain reliable and consistent.

Our laboratory also uses advanced and high-end equipment to ensure that our results are as accurate as possible. Our lab is stocked with equipment from reputable brands including Agilent, Sartorius, MilliporeSigma, and Mettler Toledo. Since we only use the best supplies and equipment, when you send us samples to test, you can expect reliable results that are backed by a Certificate of Analysis (COA).


Whether you are a hemp farmer or a finished goods supplier, we can provide you with the hemp testing services you need. We accept hemp samples sent in through the mail or dropped off at our laboratory in Indiana. Our team works hard to get your samples tested within 72 hours and uses high-end equipment so you receive results that you can rely on.

Agrozen Labs started in an effort to help hemp farmers and others in the industry to grow their business and keep the cannabis industry moving forward. Our testing services allow us to help put the best possible cannabis products on the market and allow the industry as a whole to keep moving forward.


Agrozen Labs can provide you with high-quality hemp testing services and reliable results. Whether you want to test for potency, terpenes, or anything else, we can help! Be sure to learn more about our hemp testing services and contact us today! You can email us at labs@agrozen.com or give us a call. You can mail us your hemp samples to be tested or drop them off at our Indiana laboratory. We look forward to providing you with the hemp testing services you need.