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Some of Our Hemp Testing Services Include

About Our Laboratory

What is now Agrozen Labs, started as a research company in the alternative medicine industry. Our goal was to understand the benefits of natural compounds and how they interacted with the body. Hemp and cannabinoids was one of the compounds we studied, and it certainly piqued our interest. Our goal was to help provide the best quality hemp testing services to ensure that the best possible products were being put on shelves. Now, Agrozen Labs is one of the few laboratories that has been approved by the USDA to provide hemp testing services through the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program. Our laboratory has been approved, accredited, and certified with a number of different accolades, ensuring that our customers get the most reliable test results. Learn more about our credentials and our hemp testing services now!


Our hemp testing laboratory and services are:

  • OISC Hemp Cooperative Laboratory Approved

  • DEA Schedule I Certified

  • State of Indiana Pharmacy Board Approved

  • UK Hemp Proficiency Testing Certified

  • USDA Hemp Approved

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